Diploma in Php

'Ruby on Rails' course is an instructor led online class that will enable learners to build web applications using the powerful Rails framework and the highly dynamic, object-oriented Ruby language. It will cover all the fundamental concepts of OOPS and Web Applications, Ruby scripting, MVC architecture to advanced topics like Gemified plugins, Application deployments, API conventions, cloud support by Heroku, Front End, and Back End DB collaborations etc. Participants will also get to implement one project towards the end of the course. Course Objectives After the completion of Ruby on Rails at Edureka, you should be able to: 1. Master key Rails techniques, including REST, security, data modeling and more 2. Learn about Gems that allow you to develop social functions, audit templates, integration with external APIs and more 3. Use Active Record(Rail's ORM) with associations, validations and callbacks 4. Perform test-driven development(TDD) using RSpec and Capybara 5. Perform behavior-driven development (BDD) with Cucumber 6. Build dynamic database-driven web sites

  • Free & Open-source
  • Platform-independent
  • Built for the web(like Ruby or Python)
  • Scalability
  • Excellent CMSs:
    WordPress, Joomla, and more
  • Excellent Frameworks:
    CakePhp, Yii, Laravel and more
  • Excellent eCommerce:
    Magento, OpenCart, and more
The recent PHP 7 release made this programming language better and more stable.

Php Courses:

  1. Diploma in Php Programming
  2. Advanced Diploma in Php Developemnt
  3. Php Frameworks:
  4. Php CMSs
    • Wordpress
    • Joomla
    • Drupal
  5. eCommerce
    • OpenCart
    • Magento
  6. Php Certification Courses
    • Zend
    • CakePhp

PHP CMS FRAMEWORKS Drupal—a CMS written in PHP, which is hefty enough to run as a framework for the back-end of sites Joomla—a PHP-driven CMS MODx—a free, open-source CMS and web application framework PHP-DRIVEN OPEN-SOURCE TECHNOLOGIES Magento—e-commerce platform WordPress—content management system Zen Cart—e-commerce platform Some of their related skills include: JavaScript MySQL HTML & CSS jQuery AJAX APIs Unix/Linux MVC Framework Architecture Apache server The LAMP Stack: Linux/Apache/MySQL/PHP Learn more about back-end web development.